Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead / Consultant

Dmitry Kudryavtsev

Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead / Consultant

On 24th of February, the president of The Russian Federation has declared a war against Ukraine. It is the biggest and most devastating war since the end of the second world war. My heart is with the 🇺🇦 Ukrainian 🇺🇦 people. My Voice About the War
Currently passionate about Rust & Typescript. I write about software engineering, the industry around it, self improvement and productivity.

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Legacy is where companies go to die

Legacy. The one word engineers cringe when they hear. Nobody wants to work with legacy code or legacy systems. And yet someone has to. Can we do something about it?
8 min read

It's better to be (type)safe than sorry

Take a good look at the following function and try to understand what it’s doing. 1 2 3 function do_magic(a, b) { return a + b; }
8 min read

The Software Industry is Broken

It’s that time again. You come to your Toyota dealership to buy a new Toyota Corolla. You’ve been waiting to upgrade your old, fuel inefficient and slow model, with this year’s new model. But the new model is more fuel inefficient! Wait! What?!
9 min read

NodeJS Native Module vs WASM

In my previous post about Native Rust Modules for NodeJS, people asked me how neon bindings would compare to WASM. Let’s check!
12 min read

JetBrains Fleet Preview - First Impression

Last week JetBrains launched their new Fleet IDE1 and I’ve been lucky enough to get the Preview version. What do I think about it?
6 min read