Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead / Consultant

Dmitry Kudryavtsev

Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead / Consultant

Currently passionate about Rust & Typescript. I write about Software Engineering, the Industry, Self Improvement and Productivity.

Latest Posts

NodeJS Native Module vs WASM

In my previous post about Native Rust Modules for NodeJS, people asked me how neon bindings would compare to WASM. Let’s check!
12 min read

JetBrains Fleet Preview - First Impression

Last week JetBrains launched their new Fleet IDE1 and I’ve been lucky enough to get the Preview version. What do I think about it?
6 min read

How to be a Great Technical Interviewer

The path to becoming a great technical interviewer is full of doubts, tough decisions, and self-discovery. But I believe every engineer should try to walk it.
16 min read

Supercharge Your NodeJS With Rust

Node isn’t the fastest framework out here. It’s not the slowest either, v8 is doing wonders to its speed, but nevertheless, if we setup an unfair battle between Node and say Rust; Node will lose.
15 min read

Wrap your gifts not your dependencies

We’ve all been there. Its time to introduce a new package / dependency to our code base, be it a HTTP request library, a logger or something else, and the question we ask ourselves “Should I wrap it?” The main reason we ask this question is a hidden fear that maybe in the future we would like to change the underlying implementation to a different package. We, humans, like to keep our options open.
4 min read