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The day of the blue screens of death

Earlier today, an update from CrowdStrike caused global outages in Windows powered machines. Among impacted industries are: medicare, healthcare, home-land security, aviation, and transportation.

Tips for improving your CV

Recently, I've seen a lot people online asking for CV improvement tips. I decided to share my knowledge in this article.

How to stay junior forever

A step by step guide for staying junior forever

The Bloat in Software Engineering

An evening rant about the unnecessary bloat in Software Engineering

An Essay on Burnout

I denied burnout as a concept, until life decided to teach me the hard way. So here I am, burnt out. How did I get there?

How to get into programming in 2023

New year is a good time to create a resolution. What if your resolution is a career change to software engineering?

The missing ingredients from your monitoring alerts

There is one thing engineers hate the most—waking up at night and troubleshooting production incidents. What if I told you I know how to make it less painful?

Legacy is where companies go to die

Legacy. The one word engineers cringe when they hear. Nobody wants to work with legacy code or legacy systems. And yet someone has to. Can we do something about it?

It's better to be (type)safe than sorry

Take a good look at the following function and try to understand what it's doing. function do_magic(a, b) { return a + b; }

The Software Industry is Broken

The dire state of the software industry, leaves us with hopes for a better future. Why we ended up like this?