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Serving Astro with Rust

I wanted to turn one of my side projects into a statically generated website. But the backend was written in Rust. So I decided to combine them.

Web app localization. In Rust.

Doing localization is complicated. Many websites, even big ones, get it wrong. Let me share how I did it. In Rust of course.

Building a Web App in Rust

After more than 6 years of building web applications in NodeJS, I finally published one in Rust. Here is what I learned in the process.

NodeJS Native Module vs WASM

In my previous post about [[supercharge-nodejs-with-rust|Native Rust Modules for NodeJS]], people asked me how neon bindings would compare to WASM. Let's check!

Supercharge Your NodeJS With Rust

Node isn't the fastest framework out here. It's not the slowest either, v8 is doing wonders to its speed, but nevertheless, if we setup an unfair battle between Node and say Rust; Node will lose.