From Applicant to Employee - Your blueprint for landing a job in tech

From Applicant to Employee - Your blueprint for landing a job in tech
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Revision 2023-10-29

Software is everywhere. According to, 7 out of 25 most popular careers—are related to software engineering. And together with the insane popularity—comes the insane competition to get a job in tech.

It’s no longer enough to know algorithms and submit a CV. Navigating the job search, is a complex task that requires knowledge and preparation. In this book we will guide you through all the steps, starting from defining your next role, all the way to offer negotiation.

Why trust us?

We are Kristina and Dmitry Kudryavtsev. Combined, we have more than 25 years of professional experience in tech.

Kristina is a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Technical/Executive Recruiter, and Career Coach. She is ex-Facebook (Meta), as well as multiple small and mid-sized companies. She sourced and recruited hundreds of employees, relocated dozens, and helped countless clients to get into tech. She knows the recruitment process of small and big companies, from the inside out.

Dmitry is a Senior Software Engineer, Solopreneur and Tech Mentor. He is ex-Autodesk, as well as multiple small and mid-sized companies. He interviewed more than 150 candidates, participated in reshaping the technical interview process. He is familiar with interviewing in small and big companies.

Who is this for?

This book is a complete blueprint that will take you from defining your next role in tech, all the way to negotiating your employment offer. This book is the perfect guide for all levels of seniority. No matter if you are just starting in tech, or it’s your fifth job search—there is something in this book for you.

What you will get?

This book consists of 9 chapters which cover everything you need in order to find your next job, prepare for the interview, and negotiate your offer.

Chapter 1 - Defining your next role

We will help you analyze yourself as well as potential company, and find a match between the two of you.

Chapter 2 - Building your CV

In this chapter, we will cover common CV mistakes, and provide you with tips on how to make sure your CV will stand out of the hundreds of other CVs that are submitted to job postings on a daily basis.

Chapter 3 - Job application

Where and how to find your next job? We will introduce you to international and local tools for job search, and give you tips on best ways to apply to a job (hint: it’s usually not the “Apply Now” button).

Chapter 4 - Your first call

Congratulations! Your CV was noticed, and you’ve been contacted? But who is this mysterious recruiter that called you? Don’t worry, we will help you navigate your first call with a recruiter.

Chapter 5 - Technical interviews

BFS? DFS? LeetCode? WhiteBoard? Don’t worry, we will cover the most common interview types, how to prepare for them and what to expect.

Chapter 6 - Soft skills interviews

Coding is not everything. In fact, in today’s world, companies would rather choose a person with great communication skills over a great programmer but with subpar soft skills. This is why soft skills interviews are important. There is a great communicator inside each of us, and we will help you present your best sides.

Chapter 7 - Reference check

We all work in teams, and often times our team-mates can share a different perspective to a potential employee, about us. We will guide you through selecting the best people for your reference check.

Chapter 8 - Your offer

Congratulations! You got an offer. But don’t just accept it yet. Instead, we will cover the most important components of the offer, and how to negotiate some of them.

Bonus Chapter 9 - What’s next?

While your job search is over, people rarely stay at one company. And even if they do, they want to grow in seniority. This bonus chapter will guide you through your first months at a new workplace, and prepare you for promotion, or yet another job search.


I’m a Junior/Senior/Intern—will this book help me?

This book is designed to be useful to all levels of seniority, starting from Internship all the way to managerial roles like Principal and Tech Lead.

Is this book useful for Product Managers/Designers/etc?

The focus of this book—is on technical positions related to software engineering. We cover technical interviews that engineers might encounter in their job search. This book is of less help to anyone who is not directly related to software engineering.

I’m from [country name], will this book cover my unique market?

Both of us worked in a variety of different companies, ranging from small to mid-sized companies, relocation, and big international companies. While we can’t know the unique edge-cases of each market, this book covers, and provides tips regardless of your country of origin. Even if you want to relocate, we have some tips for you.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. You have 7 days to return the book for a full refund. We, however, believe that this book is worth keeping because you never know when you will want, or have to, search for another job.