NodeJS Native Module vs WASM

In my previous post about Native Rust Modules for NodeJS, people asked me how neon bindings would compare to WASM. Let’s check!
12 min read

Supercharge Your NodeJS With Rust

Node isn’t the fastest framework out here. It’s not the slowest either, v8 is doing wonders to its speed, but nevertheless, if we setup an unfair battle between Node and say Rust; Node will lose.
15 min read

Validating Requests With a Simple Middleware for Express

A key to a good API design is good control of what data your controllers or API end points accepts. Another important key to a good design β€” is that you can take a brief look at your API end point and immediately understand how your request should look. Now, of course you can validate all the request parameters inside the API end point itself. But this makes your end point messy and sort of violates the SRP (your end point should not validate requests.
4 min read