Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead / Consultant

Dmitry Kudryavtsev

Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead / Consultant

On 24th of February, the president of The Russian Federation has declared a war against Ukraine. It is the biggest and most devastating war since the end of the second world war. My heart is with the 🇺🇦 Ukrainian 🇺🇦 people. My Voice About the War
Currently passionate about Rust & Typescript. I write about software engineering, the industry around it, self improvement and productivity.

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Validating Requests With a Simple Middleware for Express

A key to a good API design is good control of what data your controllers or API end points accepts. Another important key to a good design — is that you can take a brief look at your API end point and immediately understand how your request should look. Now, of course you can validate all the request parameters inside the API end point itself. But this makes your end point messy and sort of violates the SRP (your end point should not validate requests.
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The land of undocument react.js: The Context

Русская версия на Хабре. Перевод не мой, спасибо webMarshal-у за перевод. If you have any questions, or want to discuss some points — leave a comment here, or tweet me. If we take a look at React component we can outline some properties. State Yes, each react component has state. State is something internal to the component. Only the component it self can read and write into its own state and as the name implies, the state of the component is used to store state (captain obvious here).
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A different approach for localizing react.js app

Howdy! I’ve heard you use ReactJS? Good! I also heard you want to localize your application? That’s great! Well proper localization is hard, there are many js libraries for client side localization as well as yahoo/react-intl that provides localized react components based on JavaScript Intl API. I my self use es6 syntax and avoid using mixins, because mixins are dead (and well, because there is no easy way to integrate mixins into es6 syntax).
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